Tasco 114mm Reflector

I found this review on-line not all are so favourable!!

Good Points

Easy to Use 
Set-up time is low 
Sturdy tripod

Bad Points

Only supplied with two eyepieces (though good eyepieces!)

General Comments

As first telescopes go, you could do no better than the Tasco 114mm Reflector telescope. This telescope is lightweight and easily assembled in very little time. The eyepieces supplied are good starters to get the beginner up and running and enjoying observing in no time. There are two eyepices (20mm and 4mm), a two times barlow lens ( this doubles the power of the eyepieces) and a moon filter. This telescope is an excellent beginners telescope, it has a fine 114mm primary mirror and a precise rack and pinion focussing method. I can thoroughly recommend this telescope as a gift for sopmeone who wants to begin this lifelong and fascinating hobby.

There is a comprehensive instruction booklet and a construction pamphlet included. There is also an excellent Moon map included in the instructions pack.