Date What's Up Lecture (Title & Speaker)
02/01/2018 Mike Pritchard
"Red Stars" by  Jim Paterson
06/02/2018 Jim Paterson "Webcam imaging of the Moon and Planets" by Dale Taylor
06/03/2018 Kim Gowney
"Gravitational Waves" by Rob Woodman
03/04/2018 Jim Paterson
"Galaxy Morphology" by Kim Gowney
01/05/2018 Mike Pritchard
"Cassini Mission - Dream to Realisation" by Philippa Berry
05/06/2018 Rob Woodman
"Naming the Constellations" - Part 2 by Mike Pritchard
03/07/2018 Dave Lewis
"My Favourite Things" by Jim Paterson

04/09/2018 Kim Gowney
"Observing the Moon" by Mike Pritchard
02/10/2018 Mike Pritchard
"Setting up an Astronomical Telescope" by Kim Gowney
06/11/2018 Dave Lewis
"Sketching - Moon & Planets" by Mark Lee
Jim Paterson
"Topic of the Month" aka TOM followed by a "Viewing" session (weather permitting) and/or an "Interactive" session.