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10th/11th May at Gupton Farm (near Castlemartin) - "Festival of the Sea" with PCNP and the NT (see Richard  for details).

To be "in the loop" give your mobile number to  our "Events Co-ordinator" :- Richard Davies - 07817 372988 (or private message from the forum)

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The Preseli Astronomy Group offers a warm welcome to anyone with an interest in astronomy. Whether you are an experienced observer, a complete novice or you enjoy reading about astronomy, or watching astronomy programs on TV the Preseli Astronomy Group offers you a warm welcome.

You do not need to own a telescope or binoculars, the group has several for you to have a hands on try before you invest any money in purchasing equipment. Experienced members are also on hand with their equipment and are only too willing to impart their advice.

Meetings are held at 7pm on the first Tuesday of each month (except August) at Letterston Memorial Hall. The new format is "Topic of the Month" aka TOM followed by a "Viewing" session (weather permitting) and/or an "Interactive" session. (see "Events" link for further details). We also have other regular viewing sessions, weather permitting. Novices are especially welcome to come along and discuss any query about viewing and equipment.

From September 2017 we have introduced a membership fee (a form can be dowloaded from the "About Us" link), but for first-timers a small donation to cover the cost of hall-hire and refreshments is appreciated. So if you're interested come along to one of our events or email us. Alternatively sign up to our forum and introduce yourself.

We are also active on Twitter, Facebook and our blog highlights some of our activities.

***The picture of the Horsehead Nebula (above) is by one of our members Rob976